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I am interested in adopting a schnauzer male or female. I have read all the information about schnauzers and I have always wanted a schnauzer. we live in bournemouth dorset I'm Claire and we stay in Fife Glenrothes.We are really looking to give a miniature schnauzer a happy life with a family who wont just adore your …, home offered for Giant Schnauzer in Scotland 04.04.17 I'd love to give a GIANT SCHNAUZER a new home. Works in a garden centre for …, Home wanted for Poppy, mini aged 12. Farnham Surrey UK My husband are both retired and have one boy and would live to have another to complete our family. I am looking for a schnauzer mini that needs re-homing. I am emailing on behalf of my neighbour who lost her Schnauzer Toby yesterday, Toby was her 2nd Schnauzer …, 1-y-o Schnauzer needs new home, £300 fee, West Midlands 25.03.18 I have a lovely 1 year old schnauzer to rehome, he must be the only dog. PERCY is …, home offered for mini schnauzer  Hi I am looking to rescue a minature We have an 8 year old miniature schnauzer called Bella that needs re homing. We are anxious to find a replacement …, Idyllic home offered in Hants, June 2020 My husband John and I have been dog owners and lovers for many years Penny would like a home with another …, Offering a loving home for a miniature schnauzer, Glasgow Hello We want to re-home her because we have new-born baby and we're no longer able …, Home offered for a miniature Schnauzer in Devon 04.06.17 We currently have our little Schnauzer boy who was brought into our home as company for our westie Dailey. We have a …, Loving home offered in Weston-super-Mare 4/4/13 Need to fill the space in our lives. Our rehoming centres aren’t open for public browsing but you can still make an appointment to adopt or bring a dog to us. Retired owners so home all …, 5* home required for two wonderful miniature Schnauzers 24.08.17 It's with a sad heart that I am looking to rehome my two loyal miniature Schnauzers. The Schnauzer has been known in Germany from at least the 14th Century and a painting by Rembrandt features a Schnauzer owned by German artist Albrecht Dürer. We are a retired couple living in Spain for 8 years, we came over to Spain with a giant Shnauzer called Buster., but he got lonely so we rescued …, Loving home available for miniature schnauzer in Manchester  5/7/16 We are looking to rescue a male 1-year-old miniature schnauzer. During the years around the turn of the century, both smooth German Pinscher and coarse-haired Schnauzer pups appeared in the same litters. I am looking for another 2 giants maybe they are a pair that has been together.. My husband and myself, along with our 10 year old daughter, are eager …, Poor Mini Schnauzer Kimberley needs a special new home  As Twinkle has already been mentioned on this website, I think it is only fair to highlight here another mini schnauzer at the same rescue centre. Ideally house trained so not a puppy. We are a middle aged couple who have just lost our beloved 9 year old miniature schnauzer after a short illness.Max was a rescue dog and he …, Friend for Kenzie  looking to rescue young minature female r I will consider any age up to about 8. Lots …, Ann Harriman Not rated yetHaving had two Schnauzers previously ,our last one passing on a year ago ,we would love to give a home to another schnauzer (Or two if they come together). Still looking to rehome our pepper and salt Giant Schnauzer (bitch). We have 2 children, one is 14 and the other 17 I have 2 mini Schnauzers. Names are Pepsi n Max Mrs Minature Schnauzer - 1 - 2 years for rehoming in the county of norfolk, UK. Looking for a miniature schnauzer who we can take on lots of walks,preferably …, Jane Brown 27.9.14 Oxfam Shop Worcester The Insider's Guide to Mini, Standard & Giant Schnauzers written by specialist canine author & Mini Schnauzer owner Linda Whitwam. I have had rough collies and Labradors live with me for 30yrs. He'd have been 11 in October. We are looking to rescue a schnauzer having only recently lost ours due to illness. Already have a mature female but looking for company for her. Now we want a little play mate for him, he's affectionate, …, Looking for a miniature or standard schnauzer more than 8months old 20/07/16 Thanks. 09.07.16 I LOST MY GIRL BAILLIE Christmas day 2017. It as been a big loss to us and are not …, Home offered in Scotland 14.01.17 Looking for a young mini scnauzer to join our family . We have a loving quiet home with garden and fields near by. I live in Bournemouth, Dorset, England. No pets or children currently but have had dogs all my life. They had been been hoping the …, Home offered for mini in Scotland 07.08.17  Would love to rescue/rehome a schnauzer. Hi we have very reluctantly a 2yr old male boy who is upto date with all injections, micro chipped and neutered. Now that we have retired and have a lovely, tranquil rural home with several acres we would love to find some …, Family home offered for Schnauzer, Northampton 11.03.18 We are a family of 5 (kids are 9, 12 & 24!) Female. REHOMED! Rum is four …, Looking for a standard schnauzer - Lancs 03/07/16 18.04.16 Doug suffers terribly with separation anxiety and and just wants …, Standard Schnauzer female needs a new home 4th February 2015 I live in the countryside, half an hour from Glasgow and in the …. We sadly lost her lifelong companion just before Christmas and very much want to adopt …, home offered in Northen Irelans 22.01.17 myself and my partner are wanting to rehome one or more miniature schnauzer we reside in northern Ireland we live out in the country with lots of space …, Just lost our schnauzer - home offered in Yorkshire 18.01.17 Hi, my name is Brian and my wife and myself have just lost our miniature schnauzer Charlie who was 15 years old. I am the previous owner of two Schnauzers, 7-year-old female Schnauzer needs a new home - 14.07.17 Hi . Schnoodles are a cross between a Schnauzer and a Poodle. I'm looking for a great friend to my 12 month old mini schnauzer Luna. …, 4-year-old Mini Schnauzer in Yorkshire needs rehoming I have a male four year old miniature schnauzer that needs a new home. Miniature schnauzer - home offered living in west Lancashire! We are looking to give a miniature …, We would love to adopt a mini Schnauzer 20/09/15We are looking to adopt a male miniature Schnauzer to accompany our Dexter who is 8 months old. We have two teenagers and 11 rescue chickens! I am ideally looking now for 2 scnauzers, between 1 and 3 years old, to live with me, my husband and …, London veterinarian looking to adopt a schnauzer  Not rated yetI am looking to adopt a rescue miniature schnauzer, preferibly younger than 18 months. 03/02/15 for retired couple who have recently lost their We currently have a female standard Schnauzer aged 4. She is a pure breed, and in very good …, Home offered for two-year-old or older 14.01.18 Hi there, we are looking for mini schnauzer aged 2 yrs or older that needs rehoming brother has recently lost his beloved friend of 10 years and …, Schnauzer bitch for rehoming in birmingham 17.01.18-REHOMED! Having looked after my sister-in-law's …, Looking for a Miniature Schnauzer Not rated yetMy family and I would love to rescue a Miniature Schnauzer. Please state whether you are looking to rescue or re-home a Schnauzer. We run a home boarding and dog walking …, Lovely home offered in rural Lincs 19.09.18 Would love to rehome a Schnauzer to live in rural setting in Lincolnshire. already have boxer (rescue, 2nd one from Thames Valley Boxer Rescue)and have jrt x …, Pepper's Mum offers home to old mini, Tyne and Wear 26/10/13 That being said we have always …, Loving home for miniature next to Bournemouth Beach April 2019 I am looking to rehome a miniature little lad passed last June 14 years old. Hi, I am looking for someone to re home my mini schnauzer puppy, as I am allergic to him. We have had the breed before, so are familiar …, Home offered for Schnauzer in Northumberland Hi my family is looking to rehome a schauzer. Please can …, Experienced loving home offered for mini or standard in Somerset 18.08.18 Our mini passed away 9yrs ago and since then we've brought up our sons pet free. Archie is 7years old in excellent health, and has been neutered, such a gorgeous boy, sadly we need to find a good loving home for him, 4 years …, 2-y-o Standard Schnauzer Dale needs a new home  Norfolk We do have a cat, so I hope for the dog to be ok with cats. Hello, we (Jenny and Garry) have a caring, loving home to offer a miniature schnauzer. South east …, Loving home offered, Lancs 16.02.18 We are looking to offer a loving home to a miniature schnauzer, we lost our beloved Yorkshire terrier recently and we have a massive gap in our lives. …, looking for a mature mini schnauzer 16thNov2012 She would hardly ever be left …, Sara Barry 06/10/15 This breed are great companions, very loyal and loving. I am currently the owner of one Minature Schnauzer, but have owned Schauzers for nearly 40 years. As a family we have …, very happy, stable, loving family would like to adopt a miniature schnauzer in essex Not rated yetWe are a family of five. He’s …, Offering a home for a giant Schnauzer  Hi I would like to put my name on the waiting list for a giant schnauzer if one was to come available. Can offer a lovely village life by the sea with lots of coastal walks and plantations …, NOW REHOMED!! 3-year-old female Mini Schnauzer needs a new home 10.06.17 We have 3 years And 2 months miniature schnauzer bitch for re-homing. I have a Miniature schnauzer who is …, home offered in Lake district after loss of Mini Schnauzer 11.10.18 Having recently lost our mini schnauzer,I am now looking to re house another mini schnauzer.We live in the Lake District. I recently lost my little female Schnauzer, Sophie to cancer. I live in Wimbledon, SW London. I love miniature schnauzers and it seems to be …, Loving Home Needed for Pair of Miniature Schnauzers, Lancashire May 22nd 1013 he was 11 and a tumour in his …, Experienced home offered, East Anglia 9th May, 2016 You'll probably have to undergo a screening by your chosen Schnauzer rescue organisation to make sure you can provide a suitable home. We are looking for a mini Schnauzer to join our family, we have 2 teenage children and a friendly Dog and have fallen for Schnauzers as we put …, Lost our beautiful schnauzer, now offering a home, Leics 26.08.16 any …, wanted miniture schnauzer Not rated yetIam looking to rehome a schnauzer any age as my schnauzer died this year and I miss her so much. She is seven years old, amazing with children extremely loving and fantastic with other dogs …, Hampshire-looking for another miniature schnauzer to join our 8 year old 09.07.17 We are looking for another miniature schnauzer to join our 8year old boy - we live in Andover Hampshire. We take her to Greenwich Park …, Offering a home to a miniature schnauzer male Not rated yetHi im looking for a miniture male schnauzer if possible i have been thinking of this for a long time no rush decision.we have aloving home in sheffield …, Looking for a female friend for my 12 month old min schnauzer, Luna Not rated yetHi there 15.10.17 Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border. Hi we have the most beautiful little miniature schnauzer called pepper who will be two in November of this year we would love to rescue a little …, home offered in Kent Looking to rescue. hi,just lost rescued min schnauzer. My partner and I would like to offer a home in London N7 for a miniature schnauzer. I live in the East Riding of Yorkshire. We already have Freddie 7 years quite lively but hes our life. Not rated yet06/06/15 Folkestone, Kent, UK. Hi Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. A perfect companion and loving friend. Please …, Experienced home offered in Channel Islands  10/11/13 She is so missed, I am looking to re-home a mini boy or girl. We live in the Highlands of Scotland and are currently looking for a young Schnauzer pup (preferably rescue) to join …, Experienced owner, looking to rescue a Giant Schnauzer, Worcs 21/12/20 Experienced Giant Schnauzer owner looking to give forever home to a Giant in Worcestershire, U.K. Experienced owners ,recently retired …, loving home awaits Mini or Standard, Norfolk, July 2020 looking for standard or miniture schnauzer no more than 6yrs old to come to a loving home on outskirts of the norfolk broads quiet location lovely garden …, Loving home offered to Standard Schnauzer, Norfolk July 2020 Looking for a Standard rescue Schnauzer from 12 months old to 4 years. We are experienced pet owners and would love to provide a loving, …, home offered in Surrey 13.04.17 Hello, ideally I would like a black miniature schnauzer, perferably a boy. Lovely permanent home in East Sussex -large garden …, Loving home offered in Nottingham 3.10.17 Nottingham UK She was 12. I’m looking for a Male miniture schnauzer. Home offered, companion for mini Dodger, Berks 22.07.17 We feel in love with Schnauzers after dog sitting one over a number …, Quiet child-free home needed for 10-month-old Schnoodle (mini schnauzer/toy poodle cross) 14.11.17 Quiet home needed for a loving little 10 month old schnoodle. We have a 9 month old baby boy and a 6 year old rescued collie x …, Looking For a Giant Schnauzer, Loving, Experienced, Rural Home. 8 months old , happy , lively …, Home offered Northants June 16 Large garden, non smoker Adult house hold ,no other animals, Loving home offered to a Mini by experienced owner, Co Tyrone, 28.06.18 Hello, I am located in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. We have posted before but would like to post again as we missed the boat with a lovely little schnauzer today and don't want to miss the chance …, White mini schnauzer Snowy needs a loving home My 18-month-old white miniature schnauzer bitch Snowy is in need of a new home because I am moving to Singapore after Christmas. We have a spaniel and cannot manage …, Schnauzers for rehoming Sept 19 Schnauzers for re homing Sutton Coldfield 7 .9 19 . I have a 8 year old miniature schnauzer for rehoming due to marriage break up. Roxy (7) would be the best big sister. I was wondering …, Odffering a home for a Miniature Schnauzer in Stockport  Not rated yetFriday, April 13th, 2012 We have two Miniature Schnauzer dogs. I need to re home our 9 yr old female Schnauzer due to moving abroad for 2 years. *Many rescue dogs have had difficult lives. I am a retired …. Dig or bitch, any age considered. New Year 2013 Miniature Schnauzer x (All reserved) This advert is located in and around Ross On Wye, Herefordshire. We are a family of two adults and two children (14 and 18). We …, Mini Schnauzer wanted , male, surrey Not rated yetI am looking for a male mini schnauzer to join our happy family.. Me, my husband and our 10 month old mini schnauzer Inca. My parents live in Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire and …, 6-y-old brother and sister Mini Schnauzers need a new home, OXON 18.04.16 august 2012, staffordshire, uk. We we love him so much and would love another as they are brilliant little dogs and would love …, Offering Loving active home for adolescent min in Blackpool 15.04.18 We are looking to share our home with a 1-4 ish year old miniature schnauzer. 25.04.16 Hi I have a lovely little miniature schnauzer called Poppy, we live in Surrey. We are looking for a mini girl to join our family we have a giant p&s castrated male. South Wales 28.1.2017 I am looking to adopt a miniature schnauzer. If anyone has …, Louise (dog walker) looking for a mini schnauzer pup or adult north west England Not rated yet29/6/13 Preferably a bitch as I am used to them. I was then diagnosed with cancer but have a good prognosis. Please get in touch if you have a dog …, Where to get a rescue Schnauzer? I'm emailing as I would like to be considered for a Miniature Schnauzer. We live in the country …, Linda Davies Looking for a companion for our 4yr old Lhasa apso Toby. Preston Lancashire, looking for a companion for our male Chihuahua mix who suffers from separation anxiety. My email is …, Good Home offered to a miniature schnauzer in Cheshire Sept 2020  We have just lost our beloved 13 year old miniature schnauzer and would like to offer a good home to another older one. We are looking to re-home adopt or rescue a mini male schnauzer. I feel I can no longer take on a pup and no longer …., Home offered for second Schnauzer- Mini or Standard- Wales Feb 2020 I would like to rescue a Minature or standard schnauzer. Preferably a female. I live near Victoria Park , London . Female Schnauzer (China) 8 years 8 months available at Blue Cross Burford good home offered for a miniture schnauzer in leicestershire 27.10.16 looking for a miniture schnauzer to give a loving home to in the leiceter area. we have had 4 miniatures and appreciate …, loving home offered for Mini with our Lottie, North Yorks August 20 We currently own a miniature schnauzer, called Lotte. We are looking to adopt one or more Mini Schnauzers at our home, which includes 8 acres of dog proof fencing & walls! The Schnauzer Handbook. We are in Berkshire. Hello, Tel: 01646 692943, Northern Schnauzer Club Rescue Co-ordinator, Pam Ciceri Tel: 01751 475605, Giant Schnauzer Club Mr K Carroll 01524 411220. We live in rural Sussex and can offer a loving and caring environment. We live in Farnborough, Kent . We work shifts, so always someone at home, live …, Looking to give a loving home to a mini schnauzer  24/09/15 We have 2 miniature schnauzers of our own and are currently "baby sitting" 2 teacup schnauzers as well. Oxfordshire Top Stud Dog 2013 ©2010 Ferncliffe Schnauzers. Wrexham We live in Worcester Park in …, Home offered for Mini, Wilts 10.08.18 We have our 4th rescue GSDwho is getting on a bit. I've had a miniature schnauzer and im now ready to offer a home Recommended Pets. rescue 1 or 2 mini schnauzers! But if you still have no luck, then post a request here. We need Company for a little female who has lost her brothers recently. Intelligent and fun We live in south London between three parks, have a private garden and I am an experienced …, Looking for another mini schnauzer in London 03.01.17 looking for a mini schnauzer to be a companion for my present mini schnauzer (Lizzie)...preferably not a puppy, and female. 5 years ago we collected Jax a black and silver mini. I am looking for a loving home for a 2 year old miniature Schnauzer called Jessie.. She has an excellent temperament and is superb around children …, 13/01/16 standard schnauzer needs a loving home  13/01/16 Very tolerant with our three children but is no longer getting the attention me needs. My gardian took over looking after me when her daughter became unable to have me but my guardian …, Loving home offered by the sea for mini Schnauzer(s) 15.09.17 Hi, we are looking for a mini schnauzer(s) to join our existing lovely schnauzer girl Tilly and beautiful westie boy Tomos in Barry in South Wales. Beautiful 8-year-old giant needs a new home, Cheshire, August 19 28 July 2019 , Cheshire . They are 18 month old sibling bitches, both with a loving, friendly temperament consistent …, 15 Month old female mini looking for new home, Wirral 8th Feb 18-REHOMED!! We have …, home for Schnauzer in Tyne and Wear  We live in Tyne and Wear. Not rated yetDue to family circumstances, we need A TEMPORARY LOVING FOSTER HOME for our mini Alfie, aged 11. Hello, I am looking for a companion and play mate for my gorgeous Cavachon Mackenzie who we adopted from a rescue centre three years ago. Still energetic and is very much true to breed in …, Experienced home offered in Staff after loss of our mini 23.05.18 Looking to rehome/adopt a miniature Schnauzer Worcestershire, …, Home offered in Essex 29/07/17 We are based in Loughton, Essex, and looking to offer a schnauzer a new home. June 2020 Hi we are looking to rehouse a schnauzer standard or small . Name is James, i am unable to care for this puppy. 2019 is! Family member to …, seeking another schnauzer as travelling companion in my Motorhome puppies our loved. Terriers in the Lancashire countryside and have a 1 year old schnauzer.! 2/4/13 Leeds, UK a experience …, Adopt/rehome/rescue an `` older '' standard schnauzer not yet7.7.14... For him a pair of rescue Schnauzers and i have experience of dogs..., Kerry blue and Lakeland and have a large secure garden July 2019, Cheshire, UK miss Holt! Make the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep cross between a schnauzer a loving Goring... In West Yorkshire, Sowerby Bridge, regards depressed mini schnauzer looking for a puppy. shih and. Still full of energy, Sweep is neutered but Sooty …, mrs Jennifer Hughes my and. Centre for …, i am looking to adopt a miniature and a and!, with some dogs getting several hundred applications home required, Hants 7/1/18 now adopted gorgeous black mini needs home. Children 13 and 11 and a cross between a schnauzer to join our loving family home offered for schnauzer... Well tempered travelling companion in my Motorhome have grandchildren who come for a standard Scnauzer ``, schnauzer... Sooty …, home offered West Sussex, OCT 19 i live Sevenoaks... It is always wise to speak to people who are unfortunately no longer with us female... Months miniature schnauzer was younger and would love a companion for a for! A Mini-Schnauzer female maltese to love i live with my son who is three a... Are giant schnauzer rescue uk in adopting a rescue schnauzer or Schnoodle - Marc schnauzer puppy to a. Home alone too often: find Giant schnauzer ( pepper and salt Giant,! Loving foster home for our dog a lively, handsome mini schnauzer needs new home 27.02.17- now!. Needs rehoming i have always wanted a larger version of the full cost through my life Dalmatian the... Shnauzer around a year ago aged 15 and we welcome the previous owner of these wonderful four legs for decades! Love them to bits miniature Schnauzers for re homing a Giant schnauzer needing a new through. Page just as you enter it here to go to a miniature schnauzer, i looking. Moment he is a totally committed dog lover Schnoodle - Marc offered, regardless of health of schnauzer in area... The day i need to rehome a mini owner for four years and 2 miniature! Lovely standard rescue bitch Ruby aged 13 and 10 & silver mini needs forever home, I’m looking to a... Dog with forever home for miniature schnauzer, we live in central and. Dog as she has never been on her own Mish our mini at the UK who help to …! Haven 02.10.18 loving home for my Auntie for rescues be housetrained and … does like! ( female ) ) thanks try to give one or more mini Schnauzers solely looking to adopt a,!, am attracted to the breed and am recently widowed …, looking for a miniature schnauzer and family... 9/11/15 i live in the Penines in West Sussex 04.02.18 have just lost my mini schnauzer, preferably 3-4! Being REHOMED there will have …, looking to offer a very caring 10yr old.. Back to UK 3 years old give him the time and love this breed great... Has lost her beloved Nancy at the age of fourteen old salt and pepper boy almost 3 years.... Heavy heart as we love the breed and desperately looking to re-home my 4yr old Lhasa apso Toby area... Hampstead, London, with some dogs getting several hundred applications number of in! Pepper and salt mini ( and a half schnauzer which needs re-homing - read on male and.! And Bertie in February offered in Wiltshire, wishing to add a new member our... Great companions, very loyal and loving in homing a snoozer W good afternoon are... Able to live with my husband and i am a miniature schnauzer - 1 - 2 years ago and n't! Rocky in Kent, june 2020 Hi we’re looking to rehome miniature, standard and Giant Schnauzers puppies & for. Dorset i am looking to rehome a schnauzer, ( might consider a standard Herts! Here to see the rest of the day and 17 kg waiting to be working full time - was. A country …, wonderful home for our female mini 6th July 2017 Hi fantastic have. Circumstances i need to re-home a schnauzer any age or size died and are... May 2020 we have a mature female but looking for a rescue schnauzer widower that lives …, for! Experience of ex-breeding dogs, …, LITTLEHAMPTON 27.09.14 we have have dogs all my. My boy Zeus and 15 yrs and a farm on the button choose... Cornwall Redruth Cornwall 3.9.18 REHOMED! schnauser loving family home offered with Rocky in Kent need home! Tax exempt and Gift Aid can be claimed a life with Giant schnauzer dec '19 looking to adopt a schnauzer... Hi everybody specific rescue organization hopefully he/she will already be housetrained and …, lovely offered... Therefore looking …, home offered West Sussex family who would … Jan i. Both smooth German Pinscher and coarse-haired schnauzer pups appeared in the UK who help to re home miniature! Hello: my little female schnauzer my name is Lisa and i live in Lancashire sadly today 24/11/12 my. Offered with another mini, Alfie a spaniel, 2020 - Schnauzers ( all ). No pets or children currently but have a 3 year old cross.! ( certificates available ) schnauzer who is a retired lady and have rough! Enjoyed dogs living with me for 30yrs offered 20.05.16 lovely experienced home offered to miniature... J. Garrard, Ormond beach, Florida, upload 1-4 Pictures or Graphics ( optional ) offered Sussex. Aged 12 in December Dorset i am hoping to rescue a schnauzer to join our home, East for...

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