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The subtle movements of the worm through water is known to trigger strikes like crazy—which is why they are so popular among bass enthusiasts. “The Kage is not too long and has a great tip to it,” he says. Ideally, you only want the hook to pass under the o-ring. If you guys have any questions or comments, please let me know on the chemist section below, I'd be happy to answer each of those personally. I have use both for Wacky rigs. A medium-light to medium action spinning rod with 6-8 lb monofilament, flourocarbon, or copolymer can be used. If the Senko manages to fly off the hook during the cast the resulting overwind is massive. It can help you catch fish in compromised fishing situations or when dealing with skeptical fish. “Its X45 bias construction keeps the blank from twisting, and is very strong and sensitive.” The unusual placement of the fake worm, a small hook helps create a more natural movement in the water. The wacky rig setup can be great for clear water conditions or when you’re looking to attract fussy bass. The wacky rig is simple to construct, but there are some helpful steps you can take to further extend the lifespan of your soft plastics without sacrificing performance. The phrase wacky rigged worms it means the hook sits in the middle of the worm. One of the best to ever employ a wacky rig is Bassmaster Elite Series pro Chris Zaldain. If using lighter (10-12 lb) line, a Wacky Rig can be effectively fished on a baitcast setup. G-Loomis GLX with 20 power pro … While many usually Carolina rig worms and other stick baits with the hook inside (Texas rigged), you can actually set one up with all the advantages of a wacky setup. It's perfect for dartheads, dropshot, and tubes as well. Basically all you need is the same stuff you would normally use for fishing a senko wacky rig. It’s a basic setup and much simpler to rig and tie than a drop shot. Attach any good-quality spinning reel spooled with monofilament or fluorocarbon line, and your wacky rig is complete. It’s a really effective way to fish anytime the fishing is tough, or if the fish are up cruising banks. One of the original finesse presentations, small 4.5 to 6 inch straight-tailed worms excel when wacky rigged. This method of presentation is so different compared to many other rigs that it may even help on pressured waters. However, you can also throw it on a bait caster as well. The best tackle for fishing a wacky rig will vary depending on the type and thickness of the cover and depth of water you will be fishing. A wacky rig is both a technique and a setup used on difficult fishing days. The longer rod allows for longer cast, but the sacrifice is the accuracy of your cast. You can't rely on the rod tip to detect bites, so pairing it with fluoro can give you the extra feel. Here we will show you how to set up a wacky rig … The perfect tool for Wacky Rigging or Neko Rigging soft plastics, the Arsenal Neko-Wacky Tube Plier will save you precious time in-between rigging soft plastics and money by allowing you to catch more fish per bait. A wacky rig, a light Texas rig, Senko go with a spinning rod, and that's just the basic breakdown. Some anglers don’t like this, but you will be able to catch plenty of fish with this wacky rig setup. You can also use 10-15 lb braid with a 6-8 lb mono, flouro, or copolymer leader. It is a really simple technique similar to the wacky rig.It is a head weighted soft plastic with a hook in the body normally in the bottom 1/3 or middle of the bait. Equipment: A medium-light to medium action spinning rod with 6-8 lb monofilament, flourocarbon, or copolymer can be used.You can also use 10-15 lb braid with a 6-8 lb mono, flouro, or copolymer leader. The wacky rig, when not fishing thick grass or trying to get it up in the middle of a tree, is more efficient than a Texas rig. A taller 7″ rod will help you keep the bait on top of the water easier, and a fast tip will help you get the senko shaking easily. Learn all about #bassmaster Elite Pro Pro Angler Brandon Lester’s wacky rig setup on the Elite Pro Series NEPS81MXF-MHX Spinning Rod! Because this rig is fairly light, I find it easiest to throw the wacky rig on a spinning rod. Wacky Rig Finesse Worms. 3 Tips To Master The Wacky Rig In the context of bass fishing lures, there’s not much better at generating strikes than a wacky worm. Once you’ve lifted the rod 6 inches to one foot, lower it back down and reel in the slack in the line. The standard wacky rig setup however uses a finesse wide gap hook with either a finesse worm or a Yamamoto senko. The rod. A seven foot spinning rod with medium power and fast action is perfect for fishing a wacky worm. This will complete your wacky worm rig. Fishing a wacky rig is one of the more basic techniques you can use but it’s still extremely effective. I don't wacky rig a ton, but that's my go to finesse setup. For me, I throw it on a spinning rod 90 percent of the time. The wacky rig can be used with or without weight and displays a subtle, slow falling action that can mimic life-like bait with a simple upward twitch of the fishing rod. Neko Rig Fishing 101. While many typical bait rigs feature a hook attached to the bottom or top end of the bait, the wacky rig has an open hook and is rigged into the mid-section of the bait. Wacky Rig Bass Fishing Vids – Top Videos for bass fishing, lures and gear from YouTube today. Best Wacky Worm Rod. Slowly lift your rod to make the Wacky Worm Rig ‘crawl’ along the bottom. « Reply #20 on: June 11, 2017, 11:51:11 AM » I use a 6'6 Med. Soft plastic worms are used with the rig. Edit; fluoro, as well as a sensitive rod are pretty important for finesse fishing. Despite their unnatural appearance, the subtle shimmy the have on the fall is straight catnip to the brains of bass everywhere. Wacky rigs on casting gear are too risky for me. Let the Wacky Worm Rig settle to the bottom. Keep your rod tip pointed toward the rig and reel in any slack in the line. Straight braid can be fished in heavier cover. a. Re: Wacky rig/shakey head rod, reel, and line setup? In other words, during the retrieve, feel free to inject small twitches into your rod tip to give the bait subtle action, but let the natural current or wave action of the water you’re fishing provide most of the movement in the … Here are 7 plastics that can destroy bass when easily hooked on a wacky rig: 1. The Setup. Their slender profile produces an extremely wild wobble on the fall when hooked through the mid-section. One thing a Spinning Reel is good for is skipping under docks – I’m not talking about a pitch – I’m talking about skipping it three or … With this setup, the plastic has a smooth movement through the water. As a starting point, use a 6 ½-foot, light or medium action spinning rod with a matching reel. Wacky rig or wacky rigging is how you hook the soft plastic when fishing for bass. Walters’ favorite wacky / Neko rod is the 7-foot Daiwa Kage spinner in medium-heavy, rated for 6- to 14-pound line. My wacky rigging equipment consists of a 7-foot spinning rod with 8- or 10-pound Berkley Trilene® 100% Fluorocarbon line. Wacky Rig. The wacky hook will be in-line with teh worm. We sat down with Zaldain and had him give us an in-depth look at his wacky rig setup and how he fishes it throughout the year. In fact, the next three renditions of his Senko faves are some version of a wacky rig. But a wacky rig can also be fished with heavier gear too, like a baitcaster with heavier line. With the Wacky rig, you should throw it in an area where bass are under the cover of a structure, wiggling the bait near the bottom and enticing the bass to bite. Equipment: The Neko Rig should be fished on similar equipment as a Wacky Rig. This is especially effective when you make full casts along or across targets and let the bait sink to the bottom, slowly shaking the rod as you work the bait back. This is the first distinction you need to make, then you have to select a good rod. You’ll rig the sinker about six inches up from the hook and then hook your favorite soft plastic to the end Texas or Carolina rig/mojo rig … A spinning rod that measures 6′ 6″ or 7′ with medium power and a fast action is the ideal rod for wacky worming. One key to the wacky rig is not “over-fishing” the setup. Cody goes on to share his approach to leader length and tungsten weights, the optimal rod/reel/line setup and how to increase hooking percentages with the 'reel set' technique. It just takes some setting up. 2. Dropshotting, finesse worms, shakey head, do nothing worms, finesse jigs, plus this year I purchased a Woo Daves 7' M spinning rod for fishing soft stick baits wacky style and for wacky jigging. Anytime fish are about 5 feet deep or less, I can catch them on the wacky rig. A Neko rig is just a fancy name for a weighted stick bait or a nail weighted bait. In the context of bass fishing lures, there’s not much better at generating strikes than a wacky rig. A wacky rig is perhaps the most subtle, natural, and non-invasive presentation we have at our disposal as anglers. I throw my wacky rigs on a 7'0" medium/fast spinning rod with 20lb braid and an 8lb fluoro leader. The ideal wacky rig rod and reel setup is a 6’6” to 7’ medium heavy/fast spinning rod paired with 6 to 10 fluorocarbon line. Used this rig with 14 and 20 lb Fireline in Florida and never lost a single fish in the grass. When it comes to bass fishing, there be nothing better at getting the fish to bite than a wacky worm. From March until the end of the fishing season I’m going to have a wacky rig on deck. First, a good spinning rod and reel set up with a high extra fast tip. Most of the time I use a baitcaster on the Delta and it take less room on the deck. Meyer shares details on the power of wacky rig drop shot rigging with sexy underwater video supporting his case from a fish's eye view. A split shot refers to a weight that you pinch to hook onto your line below a swivel. Wacky rigged Continuing with Ehrler’s display of Senko versatility is the wacky rig. You’re ready to fish with it. I don't like weighted rigs so I only use 1/0 Owner wacky … It has a bit of a funny look to it but the action is what the fish are looking for and in this post, I’m going to be showing you how to rig a wacky worm fishing lure to catch more fish..

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